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Our website is all about acid reflux and other eating related problems. We have 5k+ visitors each month, searching for chest / stomach related problems.

We welcome your content contribution in a topic that is related to our site. A few content ideas:

  • Food related articles: most foods either trigger or reduce acid reflux symptoms
  • Fitness articles: just like food, daily exercises can either relief or worsen reflux symptoms
  • Weight loss articles: controlling your body weight can go a long way in mitigating reflux problems
  • Natural remedies: there are a great number of natural remedies that can help reflux problems
  • Recipes: acid reflux is all about eating the right foods, a reflux friendly recipe would be very welcomed

Content guidelines

  • Your content must be related to the topic of our website
  • The article should be unique and original.
  • The guest post must be at least 700 words long, Ideally have a few royalty free images (e.g. from pixabay).

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