What fruits are good for acid reflux?

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Many people experience heartburn once in a while. But for individuals with acid reflux, this irritating symptom occurs regularly.

One of the best ways to manage acid reflux symptoms effectively is making some lifestyle changes including exercising and dietary changes. A low acidic diet can go a long way to ease the discomfort reflux causes in your chest or stomach.

How can fruits help acid reflux?

Fruits are an essential part of any healthy diet. They contain low fat and high fiber that can protect one against acid reflux.

However, some fruits, especially the acidic ones, like citrus fruits, can make reflux symptoms worse.

Experts advise that you choose fruits that are less acidic and more basic if you have acid reflux. Always opt for fruits with high pH levels. Here are the best fruits for people with acid reflux.



They’re among Mother Nature’s fast foods. Bananas contain high nutrients, are easy to digest, and are less acidic compared to most other fruits. Their pH lies around 5, which makes them a good choice for people with reflux problems.

Dates and figs


These are naturally sweet and relatively less acidic. Traditionally, they were served after dinner because of their sweetness.

Nowadays we have plenty of ways to enjoy dates and figs. You can add them to smoothies, baked products, or granola.

Melons and cantaloupes


They are one of the safe fruits to eat for people with acid reflux. They are low in calories and high in vitamins. Plus they also have a high pH level which means they are less acidic.



Papayas is a low acid fruit. These fruits contain carotenes and vitamin C, which boosts immunity.

You can buy fresh papaya and eat it whole or you can blend juice from it. You can also opt for dried and packaged or cut up and frozen papaya.


Berries are less acidic, might be a good choice for people with reflux.

Apart from being delicious, berries are nutritious and less acidic. They’re packed with high levels of antioxidants compared to any fresh fruit. Plus, they lie high on the pH scale, meaning they can be well-tolerated for those with acid reflux.

Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are recommended for people with reflux. Always try to buy organic strawberries, as strawberries were ranked among the top pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables by the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Dirty Dozen” in 2018.



Apples contain vitamins A, C, B-16, B-12, and D, along with iron, calcium, and magnesium. They help promote digestion as well as regular bowel movements.

Because they’re less acidic, they help reduce acid in the stomach and soothe reflux symptoms.



Peaches contain essential vitamins as well as antioxidants, and they have a high pH, making them great for someone with acid reflux.

Like strawberries, you should buy them organic if possible.

Final thoughts

All these fruits contain low acid levels hence can be tolerated by reflux patients.

However, since this condition is different for everyone, we advise that you start by testing which fruits work well with your digestive system.

Note that acid reflux is complicated and results from various factors, not just one particular food you eat.