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  • Is soy sauce bad for acid reflux?

    Soy beans
    Soy sauce is a popular food but often triggers acid reflux symptoms. However, as it stimulates digestion, it might act as a reflux remedy.
  • Heartburn when hungry or fasting

    Empty plate

    Just like overeating, not eating enough might also trigger heartburn. Hungar and dehydration while fasting might trigger reflux symptoms.

  • Do potatoes cause gas?

    Most people don’t have symptoms after eating potatoes. However, IBS-sufferers might experience gas and bloating.

  • Is manuka honey good for acid reflux?


    Manuka honey can be a great acid reflux remedy for those who are not sensitive to its sugar content. Taking it with ginger tea is even better.

  • Can vitamins cause heartburn?


    Unless consumed in excessive amounts, vitamins are unlikely to cause heartburn. Vitamin C might trigger acid reflux, and A and D vitamins might soothe symptoms.

  • Can almond milk cause acid reflux?

    Almond milk

    Almond milk is good for acid reflux for most people. Unless you drink too much of it, it is unlikely to cause symptoms.

  • Can bananas give you heartburn?


    Bananas are good for heartburn as they have an alkalizing effect on the body. However, people sensitive to sugar might want to avoid them.

  • Is mustard good for heartburn?

    Hot dog with mustard

    Anecdotal evidence is mixed, mustard soothes heartburn in some cases, exacerbates it in others. Mustard mixed with honey might provide even better relief.

  • Is cinnamon good for acid reflux?

    Despite its many health benefits, cinnamon might be an acid reflux trigger for some people. For others, it might have a soothing effect.

  • Hoarseness & clearing throat after eating

    The most common cause of hoarseness & throat clearing after eating is silent reflux or its complications. Food allergy is also a possible cause, albeit less common.

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