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  • Sore throat after eating pizza

    Acid reflux and food allergies often cause sore throat after eating pizza. High-fat cheese and tomatoes are the most common triggers.
  • Rooibos tea and heartburn

    Rooibos tea can be a heartburn-friendly drink for those who are having symptoms after drinking black or green tea.

  • Can green tea cause heartburn?

    Green tea has several health benefits, but those who have heartburn after caffeine intake might want to stay away from it.

  • Can black tea cause heartburn?

    Black tea is a popular and healthy drink. However, those who are sensitive to caffeine or tannins might experience symptoms like heartburn after drinking too much of it.

  • Chest pain after drinking wine

    Acid reflux, heart issues, and hypersensitivity are the common causes of chest pain after drinking wine. Alcohol, tannins, and sulfites are the common triggers.

  • Sore throat after eating oily food

    Sore throat after eating oily food is often caused by silent reflux. Food allergies, reheating oil, and dry breadings are also possible culprits.

  • Is oolong tea good for acid reflux?

    olong tea has many health benefits and might soothe acid reflux symptoms. However, its caffeine and tannin content might trigger heartburn for some people.

  • Can herbal tea cause heartburn?

    Some herbal teas are great heartburn remedies, while others are risk factors. Find out which herbs soothe or trigger acid reflux symptoms!

  • Is ginger tea good for acid reflux?

    Ginger tea is a popular natural remedy that soothes acid reflux symptoms. It has been used for centuries and studies prove its effectiveness.

  • Chest and stomach pain after eating apples


    Apples are unlikely to trigger chest or stomach pain. Allergy, IBS, and acid reflux are possible issues that can cause symptoms when eating apples.