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  • Can acid reflux cause nausea?

    Nausea and vomiting often accompany typical acid reflux symptoms, like heartburn. But is there a connection? Can acid reflux cause nausea?
  • Is ginger good for acid reflux?

    Ginger has been used as an acid reflux remedy for thousands of years. Find out how and why ginger might be effective against heartburn!

  • Can coffee cause heartburn?

    Coffee is a known trigger for heartburn, however scientific results are contradictory. Find out how and why coffee might cause heartburn!

  • Is pineapple good for acid reflux?


    Pineapples contain a lot of acids, which might make acid reflux worse. But they also contain bromelain, which might soothe symptoms.

  • Stomach and chest pain after eating eggs

    Egg is a contradictory food, some say it’s very healthy, others avoid it at all costs. Find out whether eggs can cause chest and stomach pain and other symptoms!

  • What is the best alcohol for acid reflux?

    Alcohol is a likely acid reflux trigger, therefore it is recommended to stay away from it. However, some drinks are more likely to trigger symptoms than others. Check out our article to find out what the best drink with acid reflux is!

  • Can orange juice cause heartburn?

    Because of its high acid content, orange juice is often associated with heartburn. However, the real problem is not the acids, but the sugar!

  • Does chewing gum help acid reflux?

    A chewing gum right after eating often relieves acid reflux symptoms. Find out which chewing gums are best for acid reflux and which should be avoided!

  • Chest and stomach pain after eating potatoes

    While potato is considered to be gut-friendly, in certain cases you might experience chest or stomach pain after eating potatoes.

    Find out what are the common causes of experiencing symptoms after eating potatoes.

  • Are probiotics good for acid reflux?

    Probiotics maintain the balance of good bacteria in your gut and help digestion. Therefore they can be an important part of an acid reflux diet.

    Find out how probiotics relieve heartburn and what other help benefits they have!