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  • Sore throat after drinking coffee

    Acid reflux is probably the most common cause of sore throat after drinking coffee. Other possible causes are dehydration, diabetes, and allergy.
  • Garlic and heartburn

    Despite its many health benefits, garlic can trigger heartburn in many people. It might cause gas that aggravates acid reflux symptoms.

  • Can onions cause heartburn?

    Onion is one of the few vegetables that is a frequent heartburn trigger. Cooked onions or green onions are less likely to cause symptoms.

  • Does chocolate cause heartburn?

    Dark chocolate

    Chocolate is a known trigger for heartburn. Sugar, fat, theobromine, caffeine, and serotonin are all ingredients of chocolate that are known to cause acid reflux symptoms.

  • Sore throat after eating sweets


    Reflux, food allergies, high blood sugar, dehydration, and chemicals/preservatives are the most common causes of sore throat after eating sweets.

  • Is chamomile tea good for heartburn?

    Find out why people with GERD should drink chamomile tea. Find out more about the numerous ways chamomile tea soothes heartburn!

  • Why does bread give you heartburn?


    Bread is a possible heartburn trigger because of its gluten and carbohydrate content. People with gluten intolerance often experience heartburn after eating bread.

  • Can gluten cause heartburn?


    Many studies have shown that people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease often experience heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms.

  • Is carrot good for acid reflux?

    Carrots are weakly acidic, but they have an alkalizing effect on the body, making them an ideal food for people suffering from acid reflux.

  • Is sweet potato good for acid reflux?

    Sweet potatoes are unlikely to cause heartburn, therefore people with acid reflux or GERD can include them in their diet. However, they might trigger gas for those who are sensitive to carbs.