Right Side Chest Pain

Pain in the right side chest area is something that anyone of any age can experience.

It may be felt all of a sudden and then disappear, just like that. Some worry too much about right side chest pain, for it is presumed, most of the time, to be a cardiovascular problem.

Right Side Chest Pain
There are many reasons that could cause discomfort in the right part of the chest.

However, it is safe to say that not all right side chest pain is a cardiovascular problem, because, more often than not, cardiovascular problems are felt within the left side of the chest.

When experiencing right side chest pain there are many factors to be considered before you start alarming yourself as to the causes.

Common Causes of Right Side Chest Pain

Although most of the time right side chest pain is associated with the gallbladder or liver inflammation, there are other causes that may lead to right side chest pain.

Here are few of the causes:

1. Tumor

Right chest pain can exist with the presence of a tumor in the lung area. Then again, it is important to keep in mind that the tumor in the lungs may not be cancerous, because a cancerous tumor does not cause pain.

2. Muscle Pull

When the muscles of the chest are strained or the ligaments connecting the chest to ribs are damaged, you are certain to feel pain. on the right side of your chest. Usually, this kind of condition heals itself, but medical attention must be sought if the pain persists.

3. Gallbladder Diseases

A disease in the gallbladder, usually related to fatty food intake, can cause right side chest pain. A crystalline concretion, known as gallstones, may form within the gallbladder and lead to serious conditions, a symptom of which is a severe pain in the right side of the chest.

In order to assess the reason for the affected gallbladder causing the right side chest pain, an ultrasound check should be conducted.

4. Hepatitis

One cause of right side chest pain is hepatitis. This kind of disease occurs when the liver is attacked by a virus, causing inflammation, which may affect its function and lead to right side chest pain. Professional help must be sought in order to diagnose the condition.

5. Viral Infection

Another possible cause of right side chest pain is when the body acquires viral infections like flu, cold, etc. The infection can affect the whole body and is dependent on the type of bacteria, but pain in the chest area is felt when deeply breathing or coughing.

6. Overexertion

Overdoing physical exertion affecting the muscles in the chest can also result in right side chest pain. When the body moves beyond its normal limits and the chest muscles are strained, pain can be experienced in the chest area.

7. Pleura Inflammation

Covering the lungs is a two layered membrane structure known as the pleura. It is important to keep the pleura healthy to prevent it from inflammation, which can cause right side chest pain. Inflammation of the pleura occurs when the pleura are infected by a virus and pain may be felt during coughing or deep breathing.

Prevention and Treatment of Right Chest Pain


Doctor Checking Chest
If the pain persists, visiting a qualified medical professional is required.

Treating your right chest pain depends entirely upon the cause of such pain. For example, if a person is experiencing symptoms of hepatitis, he or she would be required to take a series of tests and to take medication to try and clear the disease.

Viral infection is another example of when a person could experience right side chest pain. This person would be required to stay at home and rest, it is also important to avoid any unnecessary stress that could be the cause of the right chest pain.


There are a number of effective steps that can be taken to prevent experiencing right side chest pain:

  • A person experiencing right side chest pain may be able to prevent the pain by exercising regularly. Exercise helps lessen stress and maintain a healthy body.
  • Also, by eating slowly our digestive system can carefully digest the food, preventing acid reflux and food blockage, both of which can cause right chest pain.
  • In addition to eating slowly, choosing the right healthy food to eat will make a positive impact to the body. By choosing the proper food to eat, you are protecting your gallbladder.

To sum up, simply taking good care of yourself and your body can go a long way in keeping a body healthy and prevent the experience of right side chest pain.

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